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December 08, 2008


Brian Herman

Great post John and a good job by your daughter not letting panic take hold, that's a hard thing even for those of us with a few more years under our belts!

A Higgins

Thanks great post!
I really laughed because of your thought that you needed to offer perspective in her time of crisis. I recall my father doing that also. I trust you will learn. I am sure your daughter will continue to teach you many life lessons.
I would offer that perspective in a time of crisis does not get you through the crisis. The thought that you are fighting for survival brings out the will to overcome the situation.

Brad Jolly

The well-known anti-hoax site Snopes.com says the Perlman story is false. They call it "a story of anecdotal status which includes a moral typical of so many fabricated, glurgy tales."

See http://www.snopes.com/music/artists/perlman.asp.

John Creighton

I can imagine that perlman tail is modern mythology. There is a place in our lives for mythology to inspire and add perspective. Good to know about snopes.com

John Creighton

Perlman Tale, of course.

Adding comments late at night leads to typos.

Brad Jolly

I'm not big on mythology. I find true stories, such as your daughter's, much more inspiring and useful in truing one's perspective.

Bud Hunt


Your daughter's story is the real story here. Good on her!

Brad Jolly

I second Bud's comment!

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