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October 15, 2008


Brad Jolly

John, you are right. Accuracy and truthfulness are NOT the same thing. Accuracy is, however, a prerequisite for truthfulness.

Your post betrays a mindset that district employees are entitled to above-inflation compensation increases. For example, you take it as a given that the district must absorb increased health premiums.

The next three paragraphs outline a conversation that is long overdue with the union.

Thanks to Amendment 23, we in public education are in the unique position of being guaranteed funding increases that go up faster than the CPI. Most of our fellow citizens have no such guarantee, nor are they even guaranteed that their compensation will even keep up with inflation.

However, we know that your expenses increase. We are willing to pass along the CPI portion of our increased funding to you, because that reflects how your expenses go. The increased PERA contributions mandated by the state already guaranteed to eat a chunk of the total compensation increase we can offer you, but PERA dollars are for your benefit.

That leaves us with "X" dollars for additional compensation increases. Please let us know how you want us to allot that money between salary increases, health care premiums and other costs.

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