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August 25, 2008


Brad Jolly

John, the district does have a welcome mat out for some families with young children. The district even has a Director of Priority Schools, so that parents are not confused about which kids are the district's priorities, and which are not.

Unfortunately, the district has chosen to use general fund money to discriminate against parents who send their children to high-achieving schools.

I fully believe that students in the low-achieving schools deserve just as much general fund money as high-achieving students get, and I am also perfectly OK with the fact that massive amounts of federal funding also goes disproportionately to said students. But please be honest: the overcrowded classes in some schools are a result of the district's futile attempt to improve the low achieving schools by throwing teachers and dollars at the problem.

Brad Jolly

Please provide documentation to support your claim that "one of the lowest funded school districts in the nation."

Brad Jolly

Somehow, I failed to type "St. Vrain is" in my last post.


"look somewhere else to raise your children"?? Is this why the district continues to grow? Its about affordability, and that will end if taxes are increased by 17%.

Brad Jolly

Wheezer, I agree with your general point that taxes also affect a person's decision as to where to live, and that the MLO and bond would needlessly increase taxes.

However, I disagree with pseudonymous posting. If you have something worthwhile to say (and you do), you should put your name on it.

Mr. Creighton does that, and we owe him the same courtesy.

Brad Jolly

John, do you intend to provide the documentation that I requested four days ago and simply need more time, or are you unable to provide the documentation?

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