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May 13, 2008


Annette Higgins

A while back I was surfing and found this website for notschool.net. This is a site that supports educational needs for students that are excluded or disengaged from traditional education sources.
One of the founders Stephen Heppell was one of the speakers on this YouTube post.
What a great idea, use technology to connect and educate people that have failed in our traditional system.

Brad Jolly

This notschool.net does seem like a good idea, Annette, but I cannot find anything about their actual curriculum. Did I miss it on their site?

I completely agree with you, though, that we need to use technology to connect and educate people. Someday we will see the school model of today used to educate people who cannot learn online and in other ways!

Annette Higgins

Interesting article on how to introduce technical innovation in the the school system.



Not sure if anyone will see this post but check out storytelling Alice for middle school girls.

Wow, great idea!



Is the link still working? I get a video removed by user message.

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