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May 14, 2008


Brian Herman

John, I always appreciate your personal insights and willingness to share them with with the world. It's not easy to admit one's own flaws... your humanness makes it easy for us to connect with you and listen to your opinions and vision for the future of our school district. Keep writing!

Annette Higgins


I enjoyed this post.
I offer this question to you. Do you think of you were a different person (gender or race...) you would have moved towards emulating Mr. Franklin's style?

I agree with Mr. Herman keep writing!

Jim Hecocks

John: It's refreshing to see a reflective person in the political realm. Wouldn't it be great if this was the norm versus the exception in today's world?! Keep up the good thoughts and pushing our schools, parents, and community to be better!


Ben Franklin is awesome, and I'm glad people are finally realizing it. Sure, John Adams had an HBO special and Sam has his own beer, but Ben Franklin just got his own Sampa site:
Join to meet other BF fans. And keep up the great reflections.

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