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February 16, 2008


Brad Jolly

John, I commend you wholeheartedly for recognizing that the district is selling this "crap" (your word) to kids.

This is, however, an area where you are clearly out-of-step with the district's P.R. machine. Please check out the article at http://www.stvrain.k12.co.us/news/2006022302.php to see what I mean.

The headline screams, "The District Is a National Leader In School Nutrition," but when you read the article, you see they are pushing "low-fat flavored and white milk," the low-fat flavored milk including the strawberry goop you decried earlier.

The district's propaganda is in conflict with both reality and what would actually be good for kids?


I'm shocked!

Shocked, I tell you!

Brad Jolly

By the way, the Food Network ran a segment (see http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_cw/episode/0,1976,FOOD_9955_23374,00.html) filmed at our very own Legacy Elementary, featuring "Bronco Orange Milk."

Yum! Full of frooty goodness, no doubt!

Apparently the district's Brain Trust couldn't come up with better things for the kids than making them be pawns for a dairy industry marketing campaign.

Oh, well. The district got a lovely "national award" certificate out of the deal, plus a few thousand dollars. That's what counts on S. Pratt Pkwy.

Brad Jolly

John, it has been two months since you asked for a re-evaluation of these types of sales. What was the result of the re-evaluation?

John Creighton

I have not follow up on this issue. I will need to do that.

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