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November 13, 2007


mike roberts


i agree on many of your points, as one of those parents who is often conflicted. i support the KIPP type program you describe, but at what cost to the other students. watching my neighborhood school focus a lion's share of its resources on those under-achieving and essentially ignoring those students that are performing at an average or high level is disserving a tax-paying 'customer' of public education. what happens when those students that are 'parked', as teachers rush to bring up test scores? i will tell you what happens, they get bored, and they get disinterested and they fail to live up to their potential -- yes, the school fails them equally, if not more so, as they showed prepared to learn and are being denied.

i have seen throughout your blog that you are a keen supporter of differentiated teaching. aye, aye, i say, but how do you get that committment to differentiated teaching throughout the SV system?

John Creighton

The question about how to develop a commitment to differentiated learning throughout the St. Vrain system is a good one. There are a few things at the board level we must do.

1. Make differentiated learning an explicit objective. The current strategic plan focuses on improvements in aggregate test scores. In practice, if not intent, that diminishes the importance of differentiated learning.

2. Emphasize growth of individual students in school assessements and accreditation. This is only one of many factors now.

3. Find ways to make assessments a tool for learning so that students and their parents can take more responsiblity for driving their own learning.

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