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October 24, 2007


Brad Jolly

John, it's all about the meaning of the word "choice." As I pointed out yesterday, Paul Hill's definition of choice would include the SVVSD as it currently exists, and certainly, I would not argue that this arrangement leads to improved achievement.

You say that, "We could go back and forth on the debate of whether choice leads to increases in student achievement forever," and then you boldly assert that the argument is over in the same paragraph! To wit: "boosting student achievement will not be solved simply by creating more choices."

Finally, you say that you are different from supporters of true choice because of your "interest in the civic health of our communities and nation." What evidence do you have that a) supporters of real choice do not share that interest, or b) public schools are better than private schools in creating civic health? Your humble correspondent is a public school graduate; you might be surprised to learn how many of the top people on S. Pratt St. were the beneficiaries of private school education.

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