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August 18, 2007


Brad Jolly

This is a familiar refrain from people who support the government public school monopoly in the face of overwhelming evidence of its incompetence. In some ways, we are better off than in 1983; in other ways, we are much worse off. The dollar has tanked against most other foreign currencies; our national debt has skyrocketed, and a lot of good jobs have left the country.

Standardized tests are fundamentally good things, as they allow people to make comparisons.

The pathetic progress on standardized test scores is simply redundant proof that the public schools are ineffective, and that's why the establishment hates them so.

Blaming standardized testing for lousy schools would be like blaming my bathroom scale for the fact that I am overweight.

John Creighton

The New Commission for the American Workforce recently issued a report titled, Tough Choices and Tough Times. Their report suggests that many of the standards we use are outdated; they do not reflect skills needed for the new economy.

How might we need to update our standards?

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